Additive Manufacturing

Exclusive Whitepaper:  Adding up Growth  Opportunities for ASEAN

Including: ASEAN Country Deep Dives

As a business leader

Chapter 1 provides a detailed overview of the AM market and its potential across ASEAN countries, while Chapter 3 lays down a systematic approach to analyze the AM value chain and develop a commercially attractive business model

As a policy maker

Chapter 2 outlines the overall economic opportunity from adopting AM in ASEAN and the impact it can create across various aspects of the economy from trade, social development, job creation to sustainability

As an AM enthusiast

Appendix 1 provides a brief overview of the technology and its applications today
We invite you to study the findings of this whitepaper and look forward to partnering with you in driving your AM priorities for the region.

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The State of Additive Manufacturing in ASEAN

Content of the Whitepaper:

  • Is ASEAN ready for AM?
  • Five growth opportunities for ASEAN
  • Creating value from AM initiatives

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Overview  of Additive Manufacturing

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84 pages  of knowledge and research

This whitepaper provides a rich evidence base for policymakers and business leaders seeking to understand, analyze, and invest in AM

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